Basic Aircraft Maintenance Equipment Every Plane Owner Should Keep

When you own any kind of aircraft, there is basic aircraft maintenance equipment that you should keep in a kit so that you can operate the vehicle safely and properly. An aircraft repair kit isn’t quite the same as an automobile kit, but some parts are similar. In this brief guide from StartPac, you’ll learn everything you need to keep in your kit.

You’ll need the tools that you would need with any other vehicle, such as wrenches, screwdrivers and other components so that you can easily remove and install equipment on the aircraft. It’s also wise to have a set of light bulbs on board in case any need to be changed when you land as well as fuses in the event that any go out.

When you’re flying, it’s important to have access to an airplane or helicopter starting unit. Without this piece of equipment, you won’t be able to fly. Planes sit idle for longer periods than a car, so they typically lose power between flights. There are some telltale signs you can look for that the power source might be headed for its last leg, but regular maintenance is your best route. If there is difficulty in getting the plane to start, then you might want to replace the unit.

Some people will buy their own airplane starting unit, others will rely on access to one through the airport they fly into. The important thing is that you secure this vital piece of equipment before you decide to buy your plane (or shortly after the purchase is made). Without it, you won’t be getting very far.