Best Enclosed Motorcycle Camping Trailers

A motorcycle, for many, is a ticket to freedom. Unlike a car, a motorcycle gives you a real and much more live feel of a trip, with the road whizzing past, inches from your feet.

Motorcycle camping trailers have made the life of a biker even easier. Now, one doesn’t have to worry about finding motels or finding a place to change or to camp. The trailer technology solves all your bedding and camping problems. A modern trailer is a small, compact, wheeled capsule, attached to your bike, designed to hold all that you want to take along on a long bike trip. It is optimally designed to be as light as possible, to reduce the impact on mileage.

Man’s innate desire, inherited from nomadic ancestors perhaps, is to travel. The modern nomad moves around on a gasoline-powered motorbike, with his own small caravan, a camping trailer attached behind. A bike journey is a nice way to sit and contemplate life, with the world whizzing past you. Besides acquainting you with the features offered by modern trailers, we present and review some of the best brands, that provide customized trailers.

A Buying Guide

These trailers can now be custom-made and tailored to your needs and taste. They are designed to be comfortably pulled by any mid-range bike. All standard trailers come with a ‘pop-up’ type of tent, which can be easily set up, along with cozy expandable air mattresses. They are perfectly affordable and are not as costly as a caravan truck.

They can be used as campers and trailers or just trailers. If you don’t plan to camp on the outskirts, and need the trailer only as a storage vehicle, then the camping equipment can be removed. You can then have ample space for storage.

If you are a couple, traveling through the countryside, a camping trailer with a motorbike, is just what you need. You may need to make some modifications in your bike to link the trailer with it. The trailer body is usually designed with aluminum, which makes it light. Some use a fiberglass body, and on the inside, have a vinyl coating. They are usually fixed with two wheels, which are designed for long travel and tough terrain.

Before you buy a trailer, check the wheels and overall fittings. The price range of these trailers extends from USD 2500 to USD 4300 and above. Most companies ship them directly, to your home address.

Test drive a demo trailer, if available. It’s important to know whether you can maintain a decent speed on your bike, with the trailer fully loaded. So check the overall weight of the trailer and the maximum loading capacity, as well as its storage volume. Usually, none of them have a problem, but it’s always better to check and be satisfied. They are usually around 7 to 11 feet long and weigh around 250 to 500 pounds. Both these specifications may vary, according to the design you go for. Companies offer a lot of variety in all the features.

To hitch the trailer to your bike, you need an appropriate connecting mechanism, which is mostly provided with it or in some rare cases, you may need to make arrangements. The most important and useful part is the tent and bedding. Once you reach your destination, just detach your camping trailer from the bike, prop up your tent, and you are all set.

The tent is generally made up of water-resistant and fireproof material. Poles are provided to grant structural solidity. Once the framework is in place, you just pull on the tent fabric over and create your very own cozy tent.

The tent is equipped with a zipped door and windows. You can set up the inflatable mattresses, designed to accommodate two people comfortably. The manufacturing companies provide a detailed setup manual for these trailers and you can ask for a live demonstration too, from the company. Nowadays, online videos are provided that explain the setup in detail.

There are additional attachments and tent material to set up an additional room, if you want. A folded table and chair are also provided. All this gives you enough room for changing and sleeping. You can carry water bottles and all other necessary things, as the trailer has adequate extra storage space. It’s always good to get some tips from your local biker brotherhood, if some of them have used trailers before.

Best Motorcycle Trailer Camping Brands

There are many manufacturers and outfitters, who can provide a customized trailer for your bike. Here are some of the best brands that you may choose from.

Bunkhouse Camper Trailers

A brand that has been around for 30 years, Bunkhouse offers a range of car, truck, and motorcycle camping trailers. They pioneered the use of torsion axles on trailers and provide electric hydraulic brake systems. Besides a reinforced trailer tongue, tent and pole equipment, 3 side perimeter design, and 3 jack stands, the trailers provide about 28 cubic feet of storage space, among other features. They can be equipped with a range of additional options, like the LX den (an 8′ x 10′ tent with privacy flaps, stakes, and poles), cooler rack, and table package. The two top models offered by the manufacturer are Bunkhouse LX (USD 4295.00) and Bunkhouse Queen (USD 3695.00). For detailed information, you may call up, on the company’s toll-free number: 888-321-2516.

Timeout Trailers

Another brand to look out for is Timeout Trailers. The trailers offered by the company are built with a steel frame, with aluminum panels. The tent equipment can be set up in a few minutes. A large variety of models are available.

A tent that can easily accommodate two people, at least 16 cubic feet of storage capacity, table, chair, wiring harness, air mattress, and independent torsion suspension, are standard features. The company also offers a variety of additional options, including a screen room, cooler package, larger aluminum or chrome wheels, electric brakes, and even a Harley Davidson bike wiring kit. Their prime products are Time Out Deluxe (USD 4195.00), Time Out Camper (USD 3795.00), Easy Camper (USD 3295.00), and Slipstream Camper (USD 2795.00). For more information, you may directly contact the company on these phone numbers: 800-600-7671 or 574-294-7671.

Kompact Kamp Trailers

Another popular brand, Kompact designs a range of trailers for cars and motorcycles. For bikers, the manufacturer offers Mini Mate Campers, that are equipped to serve as camping facilities and storage chambers. Featuring a complete fiberglass body, prime plywood bed boards, independent rubber torsion suspension, a bed size of 4-1/2′ x 6-1/2′, 15 cubic feet of storage space, and a comfortable 6′ 4″ head room in the tent, the Mini Mate Camper costs about USD 2995. For more information about the product, call 717-933-8070.

Roadman Campers

Another brand, that offers quality products is Roadman Campers. The company offers standard, as well as all-terrain trailers. All products come with tent poles, tent, a bed platform, stakes, and awning ropes. Brushed aluminum wheels, all-aluminum body, and diamond plate fenders are standard features. You can order customized trailers, according to your needs. Some of the additional options offered are a ski conversion kit, cooler rack package, and a hitch lock. The best models offered are the Camper Model RC-038 and RC-2T, both priced at USD 3950. For more information, contact the company on 218-729-9295.

Trailer Safety Measures and Precautions

Some trailers are provided with electric brakes which require a connection with the motorcycle battery for operations. See to it that this connection is made. Check the lug nuts of wheels regularly for safety. See to it that you balance the weight in the trailer properly so that it doesn’t swerve while driving. Check air pressure and inflate tires to pre-specified pressure levels. Additional safety chains are provided, that link the trailer. See to it that they are put in place. Make sure that you get the appropriate harness attached with the proper locking mechanism, in the hitch that connects the bike to the trailer.

How to Find the Cheapest Full Coverage Motorcycle

A full coverage motorcycle insurance policy includes many protective covers for the vehicle and the owner, which makes it a tad expensive, compared to others. How does one get an inexpensive insurance policy, in such circumstances? The simple answer is, by understanding underwriting and actuarial evaluation factors.

When you purchase insurance for the motorcycle, you become a policy owner and have to pay a premium to the insurance company, based upon which, it covers or provides financial protection against unexpected expenses incurred as a result of any damages to the vehicle.

Now, when you become the holder of an insurance policy, the company views you as a potentially risky asset. It tries to assess the possibility and probability of you getting into an accident or the possibility of an expenditure being incurred. The premium depends upon the probability of the vehicle incurring damage. The rule of thumb is that more the probability or risk of damage, more is the premium amount. This concept of determining risk is known as actuarial science and underwriting. By knowing the factors that increase the risk and therefore, the premium, you may find out ways to reduce the amount.

Features of a Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Policy

A full coverage motorcycle insurance is the kind that provides a comprehensive indemnity or protection against future loss to motorcycle owners. The words ‘full coverage’ imply that it is granted for several losses or expenditures that may come up for the vehicle. The elements or expenditures that are covered are mentioned in the insurance agreement. Since there are more number of indemnities that are included in the policy, the overall cost of the policy often turns out to be high.

The standard cost of repair is covered by the policy and related costs such as that incurred for towing is also included. Some of the best policies also cover the costs of third-party repairs, if the insured person has been at fault.

Property damage is another element that is covered in such a policy. The damage to public property as a result of the motorcycle or any another damage to property, which is not a vehicle, is also covered.

The third important element is the liability insurance coverage. In cases where the motorcycle or its owner is responsible for damages, the liability insurance component provides coverage.

It must be noted that there are different instances, probabilities, and possibilities of the compensation being granted. Underwriters and insurance company representatives often consider several aspects before granting a compensation against the claims made. The compensation is also never fully granted and the insured person has to pay some amount, which is termed as the deductible.

To sum up, the most common features of such a policy include bodily injury and property damage liability coverage, collision coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection (PIP) or no-fault coverage, comprehensive coverage (includes compensation for a stolen motorcycle), total loss coverage, and medical payments coverage. Some companies also offer custom parts and equipment insurance as part of comprehensive coverage. The more the damages covered, higher is the premium.

How to Land Up with the Cheapest Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance

As mentioned above, the cost of the insurance or rather the premium depends upon the underwritten risks of the insured person or object. There are some simple ways in which the premium amount can be reduced.

Shop Around and Compare Prices

Just shopping around for quotes and comparing them, will get you cheaper quotes. There are hundreds of companies that provide auto and vehicle insurance. In fact, there are some companies which specialize only in motorcycle insurance. Among the available options, you are bound to find an inexpensive one, that offers the best tradeoff in terms of features.

A Clean Driving Record

An important aspect, that is considered by the companies, is your driving record. Hence, the better your record, lesser is your premium. A good step to cheapen your premium is to join driving classes. This considerably lowers your premium and will brighten the chances of getting a cheaper one.

Opt for a No-frills Motorcycle

The specifications of the motorcycle also affect the cost. Hence, if it is an advanced expensive model, the premium is bound to be huge. However, if the motorcycle is a standard manufactured one, the premium is bound to be bit low. The engine capacity of the motorcycle also matters a lot. The basic equation is that more the engine capacity, more is the premium going to be.

Choose Safer Motorbike Alternatives

Next off, the type of the bike also matters. A cruise bike has a lower probability of getting into an accident, in comparison to a sports or mountain bike. Ergo, your choice of bike will inherently affect the cost involved.

Bolster Safety Features

Adding a good pair of brakes, parking the bike in a garage, using a helmet, good safety clothing, and using safety accessories are some of the other things that would bring down the premium rate. Factors such as age and medical conditions also play an important role in determining the premium amount.

Older You are, Better Deals You Get

One of the few compensations of growing older is landing up with cheaper motorcycle insurance. Yes, if you are past your 30s, your premium value is bound to go lower as actuarial databases show a lower risk of people within your age group, driving bikes recklessly. On the other hand, those in their 20s or individuals below 20 years of age should expect a higher premium.

Customize Deductibles and Coverage Features

Many insurance companies offer customizable policies, where you can choose the deductible and coverage features, according to your requirement. This gives you room to control the cost of a charged premium. Higher the deductible you opt for, lower is the premium that you need to pay.

Look For Discounts

Depending upon your usage pattern of the bike and its specifications, the insurance agent might offer you discounts. For example, if your bike has a higher safety rating or if you only use it occasionally, logging only a few miles a week, you may get a cheaper insurance premium.

Safer Neighborhoods May Lower Premium Cost

If you happen to be living in a neighborhood with low crime rate, it will lower your premium costs. However, people living or working in high crime rate areas should expect slightly expensive premiums.

Automotive 3D Modeling

In our globally competitive marketplace each business, particularly the automotive trade, is actively probing for ways that to boost potency whereas reducing prices. Automotive CGI and 3D Modeling is intended to supply vital time and cash saving solutions to any or all aspects of engineering and producing. It facilitates quicker development in a very cheaper manner by initial making virtual prototypes. starting with the abstract style part, all the method till the ultimate production stage, each element may be created and tested digitally.

Drive Down the value of Production

Many automotive makers have already switched to 3D product modeling to drive down the prices of manufacturing ancient prototypes. 3D modeling is that the mathematical wireframe (a template), accustomed produce a 3D rendering. Before new vehicles are introduced to the final public, product developers will turn out a 3D model to present them a operating visual of however the thought can seem and performance once it’s finalized.

Automotive makers will then utilize these digital replicas for market research before producing a all-out epitome. each new automobile that’s created starts with a sketch that may be later developed into colored abstract drawing. If this sketch is made mistreatment 3D modeling, this drawing will then be counteracted into varied elements and tested mistreatment 3D product modeling.

Experiment with varied ideas

If the vehicle style team uses 3D modeling within the initial stages, they’re going to be ready to experiment with varied colors, trim designs, interior details, and alternative style parts to work out which can produce the specified ending. they will additionally check the virtual vehicle on a digital “test drive” to check however it’ll perform in varied driving eventualities. pricey automotive epitome production solely begins once it’s been totally tested in a very virtual surroundings.

This gives automotive makers the flexibility to check out AN assortment of options, parts, and materials to analysis the potential success of every piece while not investment any time or cash on really manufacturing it. for instance, instead of build a wholly new engine to check if it’ll yield larger performance, they will produce a virtual engine so check and compare its performance.

Test New options for Potential Conflicts

3D product modeling additionally aids within the image of a vehicle at completely different stages in its development from varied views. trendy cars are expected to cover all of the most recent and greatest options, however every new addition to the quality model will result in a larger likelihood of conflict. 3D modeling permits automotive makers to implement new options and check their validity at a fraction of the standard value.

3D Modeling Used for selling

This powerful 3D model will even be utilized by over simply the engineering and style department. The selling department will use it for demos and displays to come up with interest in a very new vehicle conception. A virtual 3D vehicle can have a way larger impact that a stagnant sketch.

3D Modeling Used for Production

Even a lot of significantly, the digital info that resides inside a 3D model also can be sent on to production once it’s been tested and approved. this can enable AN automobile manufacturer to modify the machines on their production line to breed the merchandise with the utter-most preciseness mistreatment the 3D product model as their temple.

There is little doubt that technological innovations in product style have created a lot of economical normal for development. The introduction of 3D modeling permits designers and engineers to speak a lot of expeditiously with their makers, clients, and associates mistreatment clear and elaborate renderings rather than pricey prototypes. The extraordinary insight that 3D product modeling offers automotive makers creates AN unequalled competitive advantage. Our Company Offering Services is 3D Rendering And 3D Walkthrough, 3D Architectural Rendering.


The best in Car automotive parts

Automotive equipments are available all throughout the country. However finding a good automotive dealer who would provide genuine equipments is definitely hard to find. North American Auto equipments provide all car owners with the best auto parts that are reliable and genuine and will keep your car smiling for life.NA Auto equipments have a team of well trained staff who are well versed in all spare auto parts of all kinds of car models. They are well experienced and definitely good in recognizing the faulty equipment. They help their customers make consistent choices by using the best products. They have a very cordial relation with customers.

Why choose NA Auto equipment

  • They have a team of experienced sales personnel who have 30 years of experience
  • They always assure customers of the best quality product
  • They provide all clients with imported products made by USA at the lowest possible rates
  • They are very punctual about times and do not charge huge amounts for delivery
  • All their products come under warranty
  • Their salesmen are kind and courteous and maintain all moral standards required for good business.
  • They have made a good repute for themselves because of their good behavior, quality products and transparency

NA Auto equipment offers some of the best Garage Equipment like which consist of Spare auto parts, top plates and column joints, motor parts, handle wheel balancer, base assembly, beam and flat disk, hammer balance weight and motor pulley, screw frame cover with pullets, nuts and bolts, roller axles, wheels, frame tubes and the list is simply endless.

They have a variety of shapes and sizes of portable car lifts like 2 post lifts, four post lifts  and many more that can help in lifting the car for any kind of repair work under the car or for replacement of wheels. The following parts of a car also has one year warranty like

  • Power units
  • Hydraulic seats
  • hydraulic cylinders

NA Auto also provides car parts like different kind of Auto lifts, shop tools and requirements, auto body parts, wheel service parts and other different parts. The Auto lifts consist of 2 post lifts, alignment lifts, wide rise lifts, scissor lifts, single column lifts, and other heavy duty lifts.

NA Auto equipment helps to repair suspension component, brakes and wheels, rear axle and drive trains. They also offer four post lifts with free standing units. The parts department contains auto life adapter pads, auto lift power units, replacement cables for auto lifts, diagrams of wheel service and many more. The auto body part consists of frame machines and paint spray booths.

For a wide range of car automotive parts and products along with best services, visit NA auto equipment store.